Fun Goodie: Diebuch

deactivated :(

The beautiful diebook is deactivated due to my basic programming skills and superior SpamBots. I hope to reopen it soon, after I got all the Vgra-advertisments removed.

However, if you have a solution, I would be very happy to accept any help/tipps: The Diebuch was a very basic PHP-Script that just entered 4 or 5 Lines into an SQL-Database (like a guestbook). I don't even know how to check iPs and don't know, whether that would solve the problem. But if you have any advise, please write to gab (a) electrocute . us

Das Diebuch wird aufgrund von Spamattacken solange geschlossen, bis ich das mit den Captchas oder sinnvollen Alternativen endlich ausgetüftelt habe. Bis dahin werd ich erst mal Massenweise Vgra-Werbung löschen. Schade :(