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Gabriels Monsterbook
Masters of defeating monsters that attack the psyche.
Their awareness for the power of the mind and its fraility gives them a bonus in fighting civilisation monsters. Usually the work of a doctoriat-member includes current technology so they are also quite good with technological beasties.
Most of the time, doctoriats have to fight the victim of a monster more than the actual monster. Their work does not look altruistic from the outside and harming a victim and understanding the pain its mind is in usually gives them nightmares. Their focus on insubstential mindmonsters and the lack of work out also makes them firsthand victims of Hools and other physically violent monsters.
The majority of doctoriat members look for a job in a psychiatric institution, a safe house, a shelter of some kind. Very few take up the role of solitary defender and roam the city for random victims of psychiatric monsters. Since most doctors decline the existence of what drives their patiens mad, doctoriats are quite keen on not joining the main staff. They are caretakers, cleaning personell, story tellers, entertainers. A few menage to become nurses. Many psycholgical monsters strive from the power the victim gives them so it is really important to go for the victim first. By searching files, listening in on the real staff or questioning the victims they usually do the first step.