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Gabriels Monsterbook

Memorexia Short term Memory eraser

Memorexia are believed to look like the sketched figure above, but they're actually invisible. Hunter Sky found out about them and notified the agency at once! Memorexia are always on the lookout for a brain not yet infested with one and try to block memories by tying up synapse-thingies. They succeed, but just for a short time. Memorexia never learnt to do a propper knot. The effect is usually to forget the time one just read on the clock or entering a room and forgetting, why one entered in the first place. Memorexia are 1 of 3 memorymonsters. The others are Obliviti and Amnesiesta.

How to fight it
Going through live more conscious. An Memorexia can just attack a brain, if the ends of the nerves flobber around

       Master of Ceremony