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Gabriels Monsterbook

Obliviti making you gradually forget

Obliviti weave memories out of your head with the webs beteween their spidery fingers. I assume they actually digest those memories. They never touch very emotional memories and have a special taste for abstract facts. It is argued if they are a blessing or a curse, because they keep the head tidy. If one is not carefull with the own memory treasury, they have easy prey though. They are the reason why unused facts are drained out of your head and you forget with time passing. Their lower comrades are the Memorexia and the most dangerous form is Amnesiesta.

How to fight it
Obliviti just weave easy prey. If you repeat facts and abstract theories, they will have a hard time of weaving them out of your head and go to the next person. But they are always alert, always on the hunt and will be around as long as there are unguarded thoughts.gab

Oxy the Moron Bug