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Gabriels Monsterbook

Hool not to be confused with the mythical Troll

Hools are always on the lookout for a fight. They're violent, trolllike monsters and very strong. Hools are not the type of randals who build barricades, but the ones throwing the barricades and setting them on fire. A well known place for them are angry crowds or sport events with many spectators and a lot of action on the field. A Hool does not need provocation, but it needs people ready to take and give back their blows. Hools like a good chase but not for very long. They dont try to disguise.

How to fight it
I would suggest a heavy caliber from a distance. Hools can take some bullets, but a rocket launcher should do the tricks. If possible, avoid. Usually Hools in frenzy fight until just one is left.gab

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