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Gabriels Monsterbook

Boulemia Lady Boulemia, the perfect body

B. looks down from almost every beauty ad, many red carpets and out of the eyes of most idols. She masters every situation. Lady B. bases her success on her good looks. She is not evil. Her danger lies in her emphasis on a beauty standard. It's not just her, it's how media likes to portrait the dreamworld B. lives in as an achievable goal. To achieve her perfect body, many people fall into anorexia nervosa. Not just beauty standards but also the eagerness to cope with stress lets some people punish their bodies into B.-shape.

How to fight it
Lady Boulemia is not real. Stop chasing an unreal goal. Shrug in front of the mirror. If you have other reasons than body image to encounter her - there ARE other ways to fight. Poster Boards rarely show real people in ugly situations. Figure out, what else gives you the impression to release stress/anxiety...gab

Dr. Panik