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Gabriels Monsterbook

Heroine Escaping and losing all

H. looks like Boulemia should look like! She is a mere ghost of a person. Some people find her strangely attractive, though. H. has a mesmerizing glass belly filled with an inviting golden liquid. H. really is no Hero. As soon as you are caught in her web of promises and forgetting, she gets demanding. You would have never thought what you are able to give up to follow one urge. H. turns people into zombierats.

How to fight it
Do not listen! Do not smell! Do not trust anybody that fell in her grasp. Help them? Yes, because without help its almost impossible to get out. Once fallen in her grasp and escaped, she constantly keeps calling. Withdrawing from her is insanely painfull - for body and mind. Having too much from her will kill.gab