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Gabriels Monsterbook

Painz Their only goal is pain

Painz are terrible. Sometimes they are used by other monsters. They do not have any goal and are so evil, that they cannibalize each other if nothing of their victim is left. Painz attack unprovoked and even if they are outnumbered and have no chance of winning. One P. is enough to die, though. The excruciating pain they inflict is enough to render the victim sensless and mad. (photo of them taken 2004. They're some kind of slug-like creature with claws for a head).

How to fight it
They are immensely powerful and I would suggest... running. If they get you, there is hardly a way to overpower them. Some very strong sedatives can make you immune to their effect, but they will also cost you your self-awareness. Run.gab

       Oxy the Moron Bug