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Gabriels Monsterbook

Cuddlesock wrong gone arts and crafts

So you want to express a special friendship by giving a selfmade cuddly toy to somebody. Good for you. Beware though - if you are not carefull in the process of making this toy, the hurt and misstreaded old sock will turn against you. Tiny scratches you did not have the day before, dead flies on your window sill and empty spider skins are signs for an angry, selfmade toy.

How to fight it
A change of scenery works wonders. Giving the C.s. away might brighten it up a bit. I advice you to be carefull in the crafting: Don't ever stuff a sock puppet with paper, do not forget to sew arms and at least some kind of jacket. Do not create a mouth with cross stitches and be carefull to arrange the buttons horizontally, not vertically.gab

Dame Observae