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Gabriels Monsterbook

Konzumz stuff, i need more stuff!

K. are a kind of Hysteria vermis. They love to get stuff - any stuff. Their snaky, crocodily bodies entangle a human body and render the person senseless until she or he is laden with stuff. Once the credit card stops working or the person breaks down, the K. travels to the next body. K. are especially annoying if a present is meant to be a token of affection. They turn special days into the hunt for the most expensive, not the most precious present.

How to fight it
Do not listen, do always ask: Am I really going to enjoy what I wish to have? Does the happy person to receive my gift really need it? The sad thing is, that K. use the argument of Tradition to validate their inexcusable behavior on holy days. check [Fanatalmz]gab

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