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Gabriels Monsterbook

Muscle Cramp glomping your muscles

M. C. love to nom muscles. They do not swallow, but lovingly gnaw, nom and glomp on them. A special delicatesse are freshly warmed and not yet tender muscles. A very severe bite can lead to a cramp, especially if the M. C. cannot stomp biting. Usually M. C. go for muscles that are not vitally important and injure them. After a few days, the injuries should have healed.

How to fight it
M. C. despise well trained muscles. If you are in the need to suddenly do more sports than you are used to, be carefull not to let a M.C. bite. Protect your muscles with armor and slowly rise the warmth. If you are the one glomping your muscles, you can prevent injuries. gab

       Mr. Dust Cough