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Gabriels Monsterbook

Alleystalker Tentacly shadow scare

The A. is the little sibling of the Soul eater. Its name is not really true to its lurk areas - the alley stalker is at home at any dead end and cellar - be it in a city, forest or a cave. Usually it frightens the victim into running into its tentacly fangs. Once caught, you will never return. I believe it drags you to a nightmarish shadow dimension.

How to fight it
Same as all Shadowmonsters: Use bright lights! I believe that the whole body and arms are just a puppet and all the strength and instinct lies in the toothy ends. If you have no light with you (are you stupid?!) cut them loose from the floor with a very sharp, big knife. Running is pointless. As soon as the A. looms up, you can be sure, that the way back is woven with tentacles.gab

Bishop Petar