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Gabriels Monsterbook

Swayler Fainting and stumbling

You would never guess how heavy a S. is. A S. attaches itsself to your neck and pulls all his weight into its feet. You feel your eyes roll in their sockets, lose your balance and finally faint. Invisible.

How to fight it
A S. is small and not a good climber. It is most likely to attach itsself, when you sit down or lay down for a long time. Some S. use fear as a trampoline and attach themselves with luck when a person sees something shocking. (Never understood people who faint by seeing blood. It's part of the job!). No need to really fight it. if one catches you, lay back down. S. are afraid of heights and want to get down as soon as they understood how far up you are. Lay down, put your feet up to show them how they can de-mass their own feet.gab