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Gabriels Monsterbook

Dream Sucker The reason you cannot remember your dreams

The D.S. is an invisible Jellyfish that uses the slow breath of sleepers to get around. Like the Mare it dines on dreams, but it merely steals them. The problem with the D.S. is, that it cannot see. Therefore it sometimes engulfs awake people that are deeply in concentration and takes away their hopes. It wraps tightly around their head and starts to suck the memories out of their eyes. A good observer might notice frantic movement under the eyelids or a slight glow in the air above the sleeper.

How to fight it
I am working on a gun that extracts the dreams and puts them back, because killing a D.S. is just going to destroy the dreams. They can be easily sliced, burned and are slow. To prevent them stealing your dreams, you have to wake up frequently.gab

       Dame Observae