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Gabriels Monsterbook

Facemelter falling apart in the sun

Have you ever felt like melting, because the weather was simply too hot? The F. does exactly that. And I have no idea, why. It is a disgusting and nightmareinducing sight - if you step in a puddle of liquid skin, you carry parts of it to other places where they will assemble into small F. They do not attack or harm you in any way, but when you are pleasently looking at an old lady, that suddenly starts to melt, the nightmares will keep you weak for days on end.

How to fight it
F. cannot deal with any kind of cooling device. Try to put them into a fridge. If melted, they need a gradual return to warmth to reassamble. If you spray them with liquid nitrogen, they will freeze to death at once. Keep children away.gab