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Gabriels Monsterbook

King Nightmare Endboss of horror visions...

This is the personification of what our squad Tiny Tea has to fight with every day. The gallant promise of an adventure that suddenly turns into a horror vision way off the scale of what our body could survive. I have never seen the King with open eyes - I don't know, if he actually has some. I suspect that under all his buckles he is nothing. He tries to populate his dark, insanely dangerous world with the light of imagination. But everything he brings into his kingdom turns vile. His promise of no borders allure many children and grown ups. Many monsters pray to and obey the king, since he allows them to prey on his victims once the red sun sinks behind his castle of thorns.

How to fight it
Do not give in to his promise. Do not trust dreams that feel too good. As soon as the cloak of his engulfs you, you're done.gab

Master of Ceremony