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Gabriels Monsterbook

Inspiration Nom Eats floating Ideas

It is impossible to discern, how dangerous the I.N. really is. The floating menace is as big as a grown human but not attacking anything that physically lives. It goes for divine inspirations, sudden streaks of genius that are yet looking for a recipient. They use distracting lights and fogs in cities to make it hard for mediums to receive the idea before the I.N. can eat it. After they are done with an idea, the leave back a crippled little thought construct that still yields some power, but has lost its otherworldly beauty. Outside of cities the I.N. are far less common.

How to fight it
Kill it with fiiiire. A divine Idea entangled in their talons is lost forever. I hate those beasts and wonder what kind of art and invention, what kind of beauty they made us lose forever.gab

Joke eater       
       Hysteria vermis