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Gabriels Monsterbook

Joke eater HAHaha ha he he hum?

The J.e. pulls the fun out of a joke. Did you ever say something funny and nobody laughed? Did you ever retell a joke exactly as the original comedian and... nodobody laughed? You probably thought that was due to your lacking comedic skills, but far from it! The J.e. survives on funnies and it draws them out of jokes the moment you like to tell them.

How to fight it
There are two dangers: First, your confidence will waver and you will feel ashamed. Don't! Second the J.e. involuntarily eradicates itself, because it makes the world less joyful. It kills jokes forever! Since you know about the J.e., start laughing about jokes, that seem lame. It cannot eat, when somebody laughs and will starve eventually.gab

       Inspiration Nom