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Gabriels Monsterbook

Gräfin Greed more MORE MOARRRR

G.G. once was part of King Nightmare's Court, but she has settled in here quite well. Humans are very susceptible to greed - it is one of your biggest weaknesses. The problem with wanting and getting more and more shoved down that gaping mouth is, that somebody will get less and less. Gräfin Greed likes that imbalance. She deems that a fashionable dynamic. I think, it is sick.

How to fight it
Do you really need every book you ever read on your shelve? Do you really need more and more of shiny coins and food and badges? Do not look at the other's place and take what you need only. Maybe some provisions. But that's it. G. G. is well adjusted. Somebody else will thanklessly take away what you leave, but do not become part of that circle.gab

       Dream Weaver