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Gabriels Monsterbook
Superb against all monsters that flourish in imagination, especially childhood monsters, that nobody else believes in anymore. Same goes for nightmares.
Thamait-suqad-members are usually not very social. That merit gives them a head start for battling civilisation and city-monsters.
Their constant exposure to nightmares and horrible monsters just children can call into reality, makes them prone to psychic attacs. Many thamaits live as paranoid eremites and seem to be able to just communicate clearly with fellow hunters.
Thamaitians keep the eye and ears open to emergency calls that other people define as childish fears. They never talk to parents and fight the nightmares alongside the child that has them. If they are too late and the nightmare already had the child, they will do everything to get the poor small one back. When they encounter a nightmare or childhood monster, they pursue the destruction of said monster with utter severity. Thamaitians are never taken seriously and do good in hiding their ability.