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Gabriels Monsterbook
Tiny Tea Memebers are not yet tainted by society. They are quickly aware of social monsters.
There are psychic monsters who are also keen on kids, but since many psychich monsters drive from societies encouragement, most Tiny Tea members are quite aware and not easily tackled by one.
Children have a glowing imagination - they are not yet restricted to "think right". Their fearless curiosity makes them easy prey for monsters who dine on imagination. Nightmares and Monsters actually called by children are their worst enemies.
There is no age restriction for joining or leaving Tiny Tea. The power of the imagination and freedom of mind define the members. Since we desperatelly need hunters fighting metromonsters and psychic monsters in a different way, I encourage kids to take up their training in Tiny Tea. Never say "this is impossible" to a member of Tiny Tea.