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Gabriels Monsterbook
Gabriel von Stein


If it exists, you can kill it. If it does not exist, you are screwed.
Hammer Kun and Tape Recorder
My life starts with being freed from the asylum by The Lady, an eerie person with some kind of plan who lets me stay at her place. I don t remember much from the time the doctors tried to take my Seeing away. Today, I mainly plan monsterhunts, feed the archive and build devices to get THEM.
There was a time before I could See. That was the bright time. My childhood. My ignorance was my greatest blessing and my greatest curse. Back then I knew the bliss of bright imagination, today there are nothing but shadows.
One day, THEY came for my brother. If I could have Seen then, Vincent might not have been... changed. One of the worst monsters made me see, after it had devoured everything that ment happiness to Vincent. I will never forget the moment, when my eyes opened again and I could see the thing that tore Vincent s ghost apart.
People sometimes wonder, if I am never afraid. I envy everybody who has not enough imagination to be afraid, because everytime the prospect of a fight draws near, I wish to be 1 inch tall and invisible. The knowledge of what THEY do to innocent or even guilty but ignorant people is enough to drive me on. What happened to my only friend, my innocent brother, will never happen to anybody else. Sometimes, I miss the medication, though. I do not remember, when I went to bed the last time. I hope, I am not sleeping now.