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Gabriels Monsterbook

Gerüchteküche Bending stories

G.K. (Rumor Mill) is part of a non-intentional bending of circumstances via a lot of retelling of said events. The story grows with every person reiterating it. Like it seeps through dirty dishes and the water becomes more disgusting with every dish. These G. have provoked people to seed hate and invite way more dangerous monsters.

How to fight it
G.K. is not dangerous. It's more a mechanic, a social dynamic that we're usually excluded from anyway. Even though we're at the center of one a lot of the time. Mh. If you want to omit the danger of feeling wrong, try to get the story first hand or not at all and simply don't believe it. Ask yourself, why somebody is outcast or if the story is really important.gab

Gräfin Greed