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Gabriels Monsterbook

Divorcee Ripping apart everything for rivial reasons

Divorcee are not alone, they always exist at least as a pair. D. pop into exhistence, if any kind of relationship starts to fail. The afflicted usually start being annoyed by things they were not annoyed before and little irritations start to grow into full-fledged conflict. D. drift apart during this process and stretch some kind of wire. This wire cuts through everything. If the wire is stretched unto breaking point, the relationship fails. As soon as the wire breaks, the D. disappear. D.s' danger lies in turning feelings that once were benign into the opposite and fueling a conflict.

How to fight it
The only way is to resolve the initiating conflict. It is a very bad idea to cut them in half, because a non-hunter might not understand, that the feeling of parting is from this monster and not from you wishing to leave that person. gab

Dr. Panik       
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