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Gabriels Monsterbook

Hysteria vermis Inducing hysteria

H. v. are really cute little squiggely wormthings, easily squashed. They pose no danger watsoever on their own. Their strength leis in numbers. They develop where Boulemia or similar creatures are called into existence - on poster boards, slogan throwers or a vague idea of some uniting goal. They crawl in your ear and stay their, tugging tight. Once entered, they don't simply go away. Their danger lies first in being welcome - if a H.v. enters your ear, a wave of euphoria floods your body. Suddenly you are prone to follow the grey mass and start to get blind for opposing ideas. H.v. could actually do good, but they don't have a will on their own. They're the reason behind lynch mobs and persecution. You turn into a zombie... Also check out Konzumz and Fatalamz.

How to fight it
Imaginative earplugs. Stay critical. Always think: do I really want to do, what this urge tells me? H.v. like drowsy, sheepish hosts. But if you get caught and notice (that is rare!), you should clean your ears with tremendous force or tie yourself up Ulysses like.gab

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