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Gabriels Monsterbook

Borderlynx Jealous personality guard

This vile creature guards its owner jelously. It is demanding, fiendish, twofaced. It's weapon of choice is the demolishing of its owners personality. The Borderlynx uses his tail-saw to erase control. His black and white worldview turns the owner slowly into a maniac oder depressant of some kind. The borderlynx is usually just dangerous to the owner and people that try to stay close to the owner.

How to fight it
The only way to really get rid of a Borderlynx is to teach the owner about how vile its creature is. The creature turns the owner into an unlikable impulsive bundle of nerves and convinces the owner to be the only friend left, after all others have fled. Killing the Lynx without the owners consent will allure a new Borderlynx to the owners side.gab

       Blind Spot