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Gabriels Monsterbook

Borenides Bullets of Borring

Borenides usually start out as unoriginal ideas that turn into murky strips of boring, that soar through an area. The most common occurance is witnessed on discussion boards that go on for more than 1 hour. Same goes for unoriginal works of art of any medium. If people are forced to attend such an event and cannot distract themselves with a (for them) meaningfull exercise, they get affected by a Borenide. It splashes into their face and slowly dripps off into its ballshape again, thereby drowning all left attention and bright thoughts. Borenides can also affect the person creating them.

How to fight it
A [Mr Eddi] is one way of fighting them. Also getting up and doing something else. If you yourself are creating Borenides - STOP IT! and get yourself up to do something worthwile!gab