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Gabriels Monsterbook

Souleater that's it. you're screwed.

The S. is the most dangerous monster of the ones reaching this archive. The S. suddenly springs from the floor, grabs up the victim and devours it, thereby transfering the very being of the victim into a squere of eternal nightmares, a sea of pain and loss. My best guess as to why the S. hunts is simply its utter evil. Its viciously happy to kill. My sketch shows it with gas-colors, but more than the shadow has never been seen.

How to fight it
Nobody lived to tell the tale. Fire? It vanishes into the ground. I cannot tell if the S. is either summoned by a terrible misfortune once occuring at the said place or if it... travels around... if there are more... oh the horror... if you encounter a S., it is already too late. I am sorry.gab

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