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Gabriels Monsterbook

Queen Insomnia The right hand of King Nightmare

Wife to King Nightmare she is a tool to render the dreamer more helpless. The deeper the dream, the heavier the sleep, the more time the King gets with his victims. The chance on children leaving the land of dread before the red sun sinks is considerably lower, if they are weakened before. What started out as a marriage fight turned into this plot. She tried to steal the children from him by keeping them awake. Somewhen, the Children do not have a chance and fall asleep.

How to fight it
Like the King I doubt that the Queen has any substance. She might just be a puppet shell propped on some kind of monster-entity. Q. I. is not as dangerous as her husband, but if one does not give in quick enough, strength and concentration vanish and you are easy prey for ANY monster.gab

       Mother S.