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Gabriels Monsterbook

Dream Weaver Blurring reality

A helper of much more dangerous monsters. Many nightmare monsters need imaginative fabric to exist in our world. The D.W. provides by prolonging dreams even if the sleeper woke up. It draws them out of the memory and lets the ex-sleeper see indications, that he/she is still asleep everywhere around. In comparison to the Deja Vu, the woven dreams seriously follow you around and make it hard to know, if you are really awake. If you convince yourself to be still asleep, the nightmare monsters can haunt you in the middle of the day.

How to fight it
You have to convince the ex-sleeper that he/she IS in fact awake. That these premonitions are a monster attack. If you spot the D.W. (they are very small and well hidden) - squish it with some blunt object like [Hammer Kun].gab

       Dream Sucker