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Gabriels Monsterbook

Nebula anonymos Fog that erases compassion

Nebula anonymos drains the compassion from crowds. It is the reason why individuals become a mass when joining a system. N.A. translates names into numbers and memories into categorized dates. If a person falls down, N.A. covers that person completely. The works of Kafka explore this phenomenon extremely well.

How to fight it
Stay a "me", an "I". Sure, people need categories to judge their experience, but never let yourself be nothing more than that one label. Even the mass of individualists and egoists might be drowned in a Nebula. Fight it. Ask, if you really want to read what a certain online book store wants you to read and if listening to certain music has to change your wardrobe as well. Lift people up that fell into the fog, even if they will not notice.gab