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Gabriels Monsterbook

Bishop Petar Master of the Hell of Pets

This is, where the mistreaded, run over animals go. King Nightmare hates the strength, his victems sometimes draw from their pets and companions. He uses it for luring them into his land but once in is country, there is nothing he can do with whiny puppies and cuddly kittens. That's how he gave Petar her Bishop's rank. Petar rules over a stinking land of mistreated undead animals. They carry all the wounds that were inflicted to them. ever. Looking at her WILL drive you insane.

How to fight it
This is a sheer horrible sight. Everybody with a heart weeps and kneels in front of Bishop Petar. Do not. She does not deserve any respect. Treat your pets and animals nice so they will never see this hell and be woven in her coat. gab

Blind Spot       
       Battery Eater