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Gabriels Monsterbook

Psyiatric Monsters

Amnesiesta I really don't remember lalala ba brrblblb
Borderlynx Jealous personality guard
Borenides Bullets of Borring
Boulemia Lady Boulemia, the perfect body
Dr. Panik Switching off the brain
Dream Weaver Blurring reality
Gräfin Greed more MORE MOARRRR
Grudgend Festering hurt
Jamadillo Obstruction Master
Jelosie Yearning for the other thing
Koma Blanket Heavy unescapable dreams
Letharg draining energy
Mare The Nightmare
Memorexia Short term Memory eraser (sky)
MiroriM You don't look like that
Noximelt Personified unfinished Work
Obliviti making you gradually forget
Oxy the Moron Bug attracting opposites
Plagatum planting the ideas of others
Quipquip teasing, taunting, jabbing
Rage Explosive fury
Rumour Tumor turning rumours evil
Skreech Tormenting the Ears
Sockican eater of socks, gloves and other smalls
The Examiner you're always evaluated