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Gabriels Monsterbook


Blind Spot Light through your heylids
Bruise ouch!
Cholera Epidemic Stomach infeciton
Heroine Escaping and losing all
Hool not to be confused with the mythical Troll
Intestine Crawler Eating up your organs
Line Breaker Reading Monster
Maestro Fever spinning your head in red
Mr. Dust Cough annoying your throat
Muscle Cramp glomping your muscles
Nailbiters Cracking your nails
Painz Their only goal is pain
Phrenk The smell of rot
Pixi Pesi Stealing Color
Salmonella bacteria for your stomach
Side Stitch Gleefully jabbing your sides
Skrotch Head parasites
Stresseel Gnobbeling your insides
Swayler Fainting and stumbling
Trinitus annoying everlasting sound
Typhus + Paratyphus Fever, skin and stomach
Vertigo swaying in front of height