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Gabriels Monsterbook

Nightmares and Myths

Alleystalker Tentacly shadow scare
Bishop Petar Master of the Hell of Pets
Cuddlesock wrong gone arts and crafts
Dame Observae Watcher of your back
Dream Sucker The reason you cannot remember your dreams
Dreamscrapper scrambling your dreams
Facemelter falling apart in the sun
Fanatalmz Turning religion into a weapon
Grendleweed tugging you into a salty bed
King Nightmare Endboss of horror visions...
Master of Ceremony Dream Rules
Mother S. Mom of the Spiders
Queen Insomnia The right hand of King Nightmare
Souleater that's it. you're screwed.
The Puppeteers Not your own will anymore
Toter Winkel It has never been there