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Gabriels Monsterbook


Battery Eater Slurping energy sources
Borstels Haireating, weaving biteattacs
Code Flower Indicator for compassionate numbness
Conscience Crawler Trying to erase the Bad
Contactcripl headphone cable biter
Divorcee Ripping apart everything for rivial reasons
Ductick Noising through the Wall
Dust Trap Catching Dust
Gerüchteküche Bending stories
Gullyslug Shy sewer stalker
Hysteria vermis Inducing hysteria
Inspiration Nom Eats floating Ideas
Joke eater HAHaha ha he he hum?
Konzumz stuff, i need more stuff!
Nebula anonymos Fog that erases compassion
Peeks pointy thing in your shoe
Pelle creating skin on your milk
Rustercruster nomming metal
Streithals Professional arguing
Technochrom Master of Cables
Time Waste Snail stealing your time
Wrexpy Expections are always wrong