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Gabriels Monsterbook
# Pic name teaser class added
1Alleystalker Tentacly shadow scareMyths7684703.2012
2Amnesiesta I really don't remember lalala ba brrblblbPsyiatric5394502.2012
3Battery Eater Slurping energy sourcesCity3447203.2012
4Bishop Petar Master of the Hell of PetsMyths7913809.2012
5Blind Spot Light through your heylidsPhysic2668204.2012
6Borderlynx Jealous personality guardPsyiatric7344602.2012
7Borenides Bullets of BorringPsyiatric1287302.2012
8Borstels Haireating, weaving biteattacsCity1378302.2012
9Boulemia Lady Boulemia, the perfect bodyPsyiatric6376602.2012
10Bruise ouch!Physic2777310.2012
11Cholera Epidemic Stomach infecitonPhysic1185510.2012
12Code Flower Indicator for compassionate numbnessCity1156102.2012
13Conscience Crawler Trying to erase the BadCity8426403.2012
14Contactcripl headphone cable biterCity4689210.2012
15Cuddlesock wrong gone arts and craftsMyths4565502.2012
16Dame Observae Watcher of your backMyths7585310.2012
17Divorcee Ripping apart everything for rivial reasonsCity5626402.2012
18Dr. Panik Switching off the brainPsyiatric8665604.2012
19Dream Sucker The reason you cannot remember your dreamsMyths5786303.2012
20Dream Weaver Blurring realityPsyiatric5265304.2012
21Dreamscrapper scrambling your dreamsMyths2187110.2012
22Ductick Noising through the WallCity4466103.2012
23Dust Trap Catching DustCity1438309.2012
24Facemelter falling apart in the sunMyths3465303.2012
25Fanatalmz Turning religion into a weaponMyths7625902.2012
26Gerüchteküche Bending storiesCity4198310.2012
27Gräfin Greed more MORE MOARRRRPsyiatric8629609.2012
28Grendleweed tugging you into a salty bedMyths1775609.2012
29Grudgend Festering hurtPsyiatric1637509.2012
30Gullyslug Shy sewer stalkerCity8476202.2012
31Heroine Escaping and losing allPhysic8355702.2012
32Hool not to be confused with the mythical TrollPhysic2825702.2012
33Hysteria vermis Inducing hysteriaCity5287702.2012
34Inspiration Nom Eats floating IdeasCity6765304.2012
35Intestine Crawler Eating up your organsPhysic1776502.2012
36Jamadillo Obstruction MasterPsyiatric4857110.2012
37Jelosie Yearning for the other thingPsyiatric5336309.2012
38Joke eater HAHaha ha he he hum?City5186309.2012
39King Nightmare Endboss of horror visions...Myths8735904.2012
40Koma Blanket Heavy unescapable dreamsPsyiatric1274602.2012
41Konzumz stuff, i need more stuff!City4626202.2012
42Letharg draining energyPsyiatric7575702.2012
43Line Breaker Reading MonsterPhysic5185204.2012
44Maestro Fever spinning your head in redPhysic8757810.2012
45Mare The NightmarePsyiatric3255302.2012
46Master of Ceremony Dream RulesMyths7537210.2012
47Memorexia Short term Memory eraser(sky)Psyiatric3288302.2012
48MiroriM You don't look like thatPsyiatric7585509.2012
49Mother S. Mom of the SpidersMyths7911604.2012
50Mr. Dust Cough annoying your throatPhysic3525310.2012
51Muscle Cramp glomping your musclesPhysic1656302.2012
52Nailbiters Cracking your nailsPhysic2767210.2012
53Nebula anonymos Fog that erases compassionCity1187902.2012
54Noximelt Personified unfinished WorkPsyiatric6326303.2012
55Obliviti making you gradually forgetPsyiatric8278302.2012
56Oxy the Moron Bug attracting oppositesPsyiatric3355102.2012
57Painz Their only goal is painPhysic2925702.2012
58Peeks pointy thing in your shoeCity2675209.2012
59Pelle creating skin on your milkCity2647203.2012
60Phrenk The smell of rotPhysic3537203.2012
61Pixi Pesi Stealing ColorPhysic4777204.2012
62Plagatum planting the ideas of othersPsyiatric5294210.2012
63Procrastigator Maybe later...(CeeJay)City5529211.2014
64Queen Insomnia The right hand of King NightmareMyths8535604.2012
65Quipquip teasing, taunting, jabbingPsyiatric7377309.2012
66Rage Explosive furyPsyiatric1887609.2012
67Rumour Tumor turning rumours evilPsyiatric7596310.2012
68Rustercruster nomming metalCity2787403.2012
69Salmonella bacteria for your stomachPhysic1185510.2012
70Side Stitch Gleefully jabbing your sidesPhysic2767209.2012
71Skreech Tormenting the EarsPsyiatric3636303.2012
72Skrotch Head parasitesPhysic1545403.2012
73Sockican eater of socks, gloves and other smallsPsyiatric1346202.2012
74Souleater that's it. you're screwed.Myths810831003.2012
75Streithals Professional arguingCity4356403.2012
76Stresseel Gnobbeling your insidesPhysic2766503.2012
77Swayler Fainting and stumblingPhysic2775303.2012
78Technochrom Master of CablesCity7476604.2012
79The Examiner you're always evaluatedPsyiatric6455310.2012
80The Puppeteers Not your own will anymoreMyths5735609.2012
81Time Waste Snail stealing your time City4765503.2012
82Toter Winkel It has never been thereMyths4576609.2012
83Trinitus annoying everlasting soundPhysic3145410.2012
84Typhus + Paratyphus Fever, skin and stomachPhysic1185510.2012
85Vertigo swaying in front of heightPhysic2586209.2012
86Wrexpy Expections are always wrongCity6187309.2012