Step-by-step dni queen version2/ july. 05. oc 1.1 + later painter / gab

study about color + material (+ doing something pretty ;) )

version one didnt turn out good. i liked the movement, the whole face better, but i couldnt manage the colors and thats this picture about. color. ill start with a very simple background and it'll probably stay very simple... maybe a metal somewhat...
Urgh. yeah... about the color. that green kills. i wonder, why, because the face is drawn exactly the same colors as the hand... hum... difficult. but i start to understand, why version 1 didnt turn out good. Here, i started to draw everything very dark (black clothes), but i decided to stick with white, because this is more difficult for me and ill learn more. nothing depends on this picture. its just expermimenting. I need a background. im working in open canvas (1.1) this time, because i have not a lot of choice (tools) and everything i do in painter toins out quite oily at this time.

its too effect...y... where is her chin?
i like her face now, but im doing too many details. This is supposed to become detailed, but NOT AT THIS POINT... well, im doing this for fun and for learning about colors. Okay, some things i didnt think i could menage are already included *happy+, but others dont work out. as much as i like the light on the right arm, it has to go. Im working in Painter now.
I feeeeel, how im making progress in working consciously with the colors. I dont have to try layer-effects or the glow-filter, it works out and i understand, how those tools worked and what they did, when i used them before. I hate doing noses. hum... is this hand too small again? And i need a background, that doesnt kill all the attention on the character. + the arm's all wrong
hun. everything worked out so well and now, i have this criple color-block. sure, it will be way more detailed, but i have to be careful for it not to take away all attention. its too heavy right now. ill better include brighter jewlery and decoration. but she HAS to have dark hair.

I really wanted to finish this picture today, but it takes too much time. but i understand more and more about the colors. right now, i would enjoy to see this picture glowing in extremely cheesy colors, but thats just for the viewers. i want to stick to those colors, except for the dark hair etc... im not sure about that, yet. but i start to like the background idea. mechanical bambus. And im Back in OC, because i work less with smushy brushes and have do concentrate on the colors.
2 weeks later, back to work. hum. im not sure about those colors. okay. im sure about those colors, but i dont like her face anymore. I keep forgetting to save in the right eh... format. i always save it *bmp, which erases all text-layers and that sort of... sucks, because i have to redraw them. but that just helps improving the image. it wasnt supposed to be a biiig project, but it turned into one by now.
since i keep working with very soft contrasts and very soft shapes, it is hard to tell, where things changed. ive been working about 6 hours from the last two steps till here... oh darn. well, i keep figuring things out, like doing shapes that have no color at all (the feathers are transparent, for instance) stupid choise to try that on very soft, filigran shapes.

Lets face it. shes a queen. shes supposed to be very richt, filigran and profoundly important. i want her nearly transcedental. and i looooove details, but i keep forgetting the important things. like the background, which sucks. i like the shapes, but they're too smushy. i would rather see them blouish, lilac-colored and supporting the other colors, but i dont know how to easily do that in open canvas without destryoing the foreground. memo: FIRST background, THEN figure.

maybe, i should give the unfinished parts a more sketchy look.

no, i shouldnt. darn, this is very complicated. a friend just noticed, that the whole composition sucks. hes darn right about that.
way better enlenghtened + worked more on the hands + detaaaaails. im not sure about the mechanical bamboo. oh, yeeesh... this looks... eh... a bit... cheesy. power puff princess darling...