fictional illustration for the Engel RPG (private)

I start to understand, why detailed sketches are helpfull.. here again, i just sketched very roughly. I like to work in "areas" more than to work with lines.
the first picture is the last stage of the attempt to work this with traditional media. I give up and resign to digital. There are many things, I don*t like anymore in this picture... so I 'm going to do the main part digitally.
noo... humm... i wont make it a painting... that would be too dramatic. But I don't like his way to pose - he's... somewhat... too... soft. hack... well, so be it
bah - his wings are too... bright and angellike. hes supposed to be an angel, but not a very good one - but with a good taste in humor.

i tried with black wings, but thats no good. i should have worked with the colors i had in mind (blue + green), but he HAS to be red.

WAIT! BONES! why not go for bony wings? I better go search for birds anatomy. Should have done that before anyways.
At this point, i went back to my first color-idea and tried it out. finally I changed it again. I dont want the wings to be as symmetric as the rest of the piece, but in the end, that was not a good choice. Would have been way easier to just copy and paste them.
Its a very inaccurate, rough painting, but I like that. And its not as slow as my usual coloring technique. Detaaails. I thought about mr. Luzifer being not the nice latin-reading angel, so i included Runes, which I sadly associate with a very cruel part of German history, though they were just abused.
After this, I corrected some of the anatomy (the arms + the shoulder part) but am not finished, yet. There have to be more anatomy changes. but I want to let this piece go for now.