Step - by - Steps

Jo. The music magician.
digital; Nov, Dec 2007
fake autogram card for a secret christmas present

pencil, ink, masking glue, drawing pens; Nov 2007
illustration of the Charakter "Barbera"

Fanart of Sailor Saturn
photoshop; may 2007
It's just a verrrry nostalgic fanart ;)

Morning star
watercolor, painter; march 2006
private illu of Luzifer for the rpg "Engel"

d'ni queen
open canvas; july 2005
color experiment and myst-fanart (somewhat)

jerome and the white vulture
painter; may 2005
private picture about an intense nightmare - not uploaded yet. sorry.

angel vs devil
painter; may 2005
applicatio project for a roleplaying publisher

painter; april 2005
another nightmare picture, but done as a late christmas present...

prince k.
open canvas, 2004
portrait of a character of my books. black magician.

Death of Winter
april?, 2005
im not happy about the snow bein all gone...

Game Over Tryptichon
ballpoint pen 2005
so much work and im so unhappy with it.

Green Pharao
open canvas 2005
jeesh, its old. odyssee in colors

Bad News
open canvas 2005
reference for face used, of course. wished, I would have studied birds before :/

open canvas 2004
+ event file